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Awesome Joomla Extension for EU Cookie Law

After many hours of development, Twentronix proudly presents Cookie Confirm! With this awesome Joomla plugin you can easily comply to the new EU cookie law. It's developed with usability, functionality and good graphics in mind. It has all the potential to become the most popular Joomla cookie extension available!

Cookie Confirm

Cookie Confirm is easy to set up and it really blocks cookies unless they're allowed to set. Blocked content is automatically replaced with placeholders, including an 'accept cookies' button. Visitors can change their preferences at any time via the cookie shortcut at the bottom of the page, which also shows their current preference. Besides this, Cookie Confirm uses a responsive CSS3 template which also works great on tablets and mobile phones!

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Jurian Even

About the author

Jurian Even is the founder of Twentronix, is passionate about Joomla and earns a living with developing Joomla extensions. He loves technical challenges and gets a thrill of producing effective and elegant solutions.

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Cookie Confirm

Comply to the Cookie Law with Cookie Confirm: the ultimate cookie control extension for Joomla! It's easy to setup and developed with usability, functionality and good graphics in mind.

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