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Cookie Confirm 2.0.0 released

Twentronix proudly present Cookie Confirm 2.0.0: a major update with a LOT of awesome new features and improvements! With this release Cookie Confirm reaches the next level, converting it to the ultimate Joomla cookie solution. Go get yourself a nice cup of coffee or some popcorn and let's take a closer look at the new version.

High-end framework (FOF)

Cookie Confirm 2.0.0 is build on the high-end FOF (Framework on Framework) framework, which is developed by Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos, the lead developer of Akeeba Backup. This framework extends Joomla's MVC framework instead of replacing it. FOF has lot's of awesome features such as quick and clean coding, media files overrides, automatic language loading and language fallback, JSON and CSV views and many many more.

This same framework is currently used by high-quality Akeeba products such as Akeeba Backup, Admin Tools, Akeeba Subscriptions and Akeeba Release System. So Cookie Confirm is definitely powered by a stable, well tested and state-of-the-art framework. Thank you Nicholas for sharing this awesome framework with the Joomla community!

Not just a plugin anymore...

When you install Cookie Confirm 2.0.0, the first thing you'll notice is that it's not just a Joomla plugin anymore. Cookie Confirm 2.0.0 has got a complete overhaul and now you can control it with an extensive Joomla component!


The screenshot above shows the dashboard, which is the homepage of Cookie Confirm. Here you'll find the quickicons and version information. At the top-right you'll find the well-known Options button, where you can setup your personal "Download ID", the minimum update stability and some ACL settings.

Improved usability

The usability has been significally improved. You'll immediately notice this if you open the block elements page:


This page looks a lot like the Joomla article manager with the well-known toolbar buttons (new, edit, apply, save, save & close, save as copy, etc.). You can filter and order items and it's now also possible to hide individual placeholders or (un)publish items.

Countries and continents filter

In Cookie Confirm 2.0.0 it's possible to only enable Cookie Confirm for specific countries and continents. This is a really handy feature for international websites which have different cookie laws. This way you don't have to bother your visitors with the cookie confirm question if they don't need to comply.


You can select the countries and continents for which Cookie Confirm needs to be enabled. It's possible to select individual countries (Netherlands, United Kingdom, Denmark, etc.) and whole continents (Europe, Africa, Asia, etc.). The later could save you quite some time. Cookie Confirm will be enabled for visitors which are from a selected country or continent. It's advised to at least select Europe.

Log consent to the database and a logfile

We've introduced a nice feature to log the consent of the visitors to the database and a log-file. This helps you with collecting some proof and insights in the amount of accepted and declined cookies. It is for some countries even obliged by law to collect the consent of visitors in a log and save it for a couple of years.

cookieconfirm-logIP's are edited and anonymized (xx) for this screenshot.

There are quite some nice features for logging. You can exclude IP's from logging (comma separated), export to CSV, learn more about visitors with the IP look-up service, delete log-items and filter and order by date, IP address, country, cookies accepted or ID.

One sidenode is that we needed the Joomla session cookie to establish a secure connection to the database. So if you would like to gather log information and statistics, the Joomla session cookie will be set. I'm sorry about this, but it's impossible to do this in a secure way without setting a cookie. If you really don't want to allow the session cookie, you have to disable the log (which also disables statistics). The rest will just work fine then.

Detailed statistics

Cookie Confirm automatically analyses log information and converts it to a graph, pie-cart and a table with statistics. The graph will show the percentage of accepted cookies, so you can optimize your settings to raise the amount of accepted cookies. You could for example edit the introtext, fulltext and the position of the banner. You could even edit the stylesheet to really optimize Cookie Confirm for your website! Of course this is possible with a template override, so you won't lose it after updating.


The statistics above are the statistics of this website for a couple of days. I thought about 25% of the visitors would accept cookies. However more than 80% of the visitors -who made a choice- accepted cookies, WOW!

Note that visitors who didn't make a choice are not logged, so they're excluded from the statistics. We did this because this would result in a LOT of data which doesn't have any value. This would result in a lot of space consumption of your database and log-file. Also it would have a negative effect at the speed of your website.

Anonymize IP for Google Analytics

Upon request, we've implemented the Anonymize IP function of Google Analytics. This tells Google Analytics to anonymize the statistics by removing the last octet of the IP address. By doing so, Google can't track individual users (at least that's what they're saying) and you will protect the privacy of your visitors without losing lots of data or insights.


Note that this will slightly reduce the accuracy of geographic reporting and that this option is not always allowed by law. It's advised to consult a lawyer if you would like to know if you're allowed to always enable Google Analytics (with/without Anonymized IP).

One-click update

Cookie Confirm 2.0.0 also introduces an one-click update function. Updating to new versions with a single click, you don't need any more to login on, download the new version and install it for future releases. A notice that a new version is available will be visible together with the changelog. Just click on the 'Update to the latest version' button to update to the latest version available. Enable the one-click update by entering your personal "Download ID" from the member area in the component options of Cookie Confirm.


This great one-click update feature is powered by the Akeeba Live Update library created by Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos, the lead developer of Akeeba Backup. Nicholas, thank you very much for allowing developers to use the one-click update in components like Cookie Confirm!

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Thanks to the community

Many thanks to everybody who've wrote a review, reported a bug or made a suggestion for Cookie Confirm! Your input and feedback helped us improve Cookie Confirm and we've implemented quite some features requested by our users. We really hope you like the new Cookie Confirm version! If you do, please don't forget to post a rating and write a review at the Joomla extensions directory. Thanks!

Jurian Even

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Jurian Even is the founder of Twentronix, is passionate about Joomla and earns a living with developing Joomla extensions. He loves technical challenges and gets a thrill of producing effective and elegant solutions.

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