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Cookie Confirm

With Cookie Confirm you can easily comply to the EU cookie law. It's developed with usability, functionality and good graphics in mind. 

Responsive CSS3 Template

We've developed this extension with usability in the back of our head. You can see this at the responsive CSS3 template which also works great with mobile devices and tablets. Not only the banner is responsive, but also the placeholders and pop-up. The image below is not responsive, delete your cookies to see the responsive demo at this website.

banner small

Privacy Settings

After making a choice the visitor can edit their settings by clicking the triangle in the bottom corner. This will open a pop-up with the privacy settings. You can hover the image below to see the image which is shown when the visitor accepted cookies.




Using Cookie Confirm is NOT a guarantee of compliance with the law. You should setup Cookie Confirm correctly, carefully assess your use of cookies, have an up-to-date privacy policy and ensure your website complies with the law. You are responsible for the cookies which visitors receive by visiting your website and it's your responsibility to make sure your website is compliant with the law.

Cookie Confirm has been discontinued
Please see this blogpost for more information.

Note: Prices shown without VAT. 21% VAT on top of the listed prices will be charged unless you are a resident of a country outside the European Union or you are an EU resident with a VIES-registered VAT number (in accordance to European Directive 2008/8/EU and its incorporation into EU member states' local laws).