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Twentronix proudly presents Cookie Confirm! With this awesome Joomla cookie control extension you can easily comply to the EU cookie law. It's developed with usability, functionality and good graphics in mind. Besides that, it's the most extensive Joomla cookie control extension available. Let's take a closer look at this ultimate cookie extension!

Ultimate Cookie Control extension for Joomla!

Cookie Confirm is the only Joomla cookie control extension, which is powered by an extensive Joomla component! Cookie Confirm is user friendly, easy to setup and customize.

Cookie Confirm Control Panel

Easily block cookies

Unlike other cookie control extensions, Cookie Confirm can actually block cookies. This is often required for compliance. Various cookies are blocked automatically and various methods are available to block the remaining cookies. A unique and very effective method to block cookies is the Block Elements feature. It allows you to block content (and cookies) by using classes and IDs without the need to edit code! If you'll need more control you could even block content and cookies with Cookie Confirm's PHP method isCookiesAllowed().

blockelements l


Profiles allows you to use different settings for countries with different cookie laws. This unique feature comes in handy if you would like to assign e.g. implicit consent to a couple of countries and explicit consent to other countries. You could even disable Cookie Confirm for specific countries (e.g. if a country doesn't have a cookie law).

profiles lClick the image to view the profile assignments.

Log consent to the database and a log file

Consent can be logged to the database and a log-file. This helps you with collecting some proof and insights in the amount of accepted and declined cookies. It is for some countries even obliged by law to collect the consent of visitors in a log and save it for a couple of years. This is no problem for Cookie Confirm!

logIPs are edited and anonymized (xx) for this screenshot.

Heads up! The Joomla session cookie is required to establish a secure connection to the database. This cookie will be set if you've enabled logging. If you don't want to set this cookie, you have to disable logging which will also disable statistics.

Detailed statistics

Cookie Confirm automatically analyses log information and converts it to a graph, pie chart and a table with statistics. The graph shows the percentage of accepted cookies, so you can optimize your settings to increase the amount of accepted cookies. You could for example edit the introtext, fulltext and the position of the banner. You could even edit the stylesheet to really optimize Cookie Confirm for your website!

statistics l

Google Analytics integration

Easily comply to the cookie law with the integrated Google Analytics script.

Google Analytics


Blocked content can be replaced by placeholders automatically, including an "Accept Cookies" button. The code inside is completely blocked (no cheating with JavaScript!). This feature is really handy for example social media buttons, Disqus reactions or Google Adwords. Below you'll see an image of a placeholder. Decline or delete cookies and scroll to the bottom of this article to view a live demo.


Responsive CSS3 Template

We've developed this smart extension with usability in the back of our head. You can see this at the responsive CSS3 template which also works great with mobile devices and tablets. Not only the banner is responsive, but also the placeholders and pop-up. The image below is not responsive, delete your cookies to see the responsive demo at this website.

banner small

Privacy Settings

After making a choice the visitor can edit their settings by clicking the triangle in the bottom corner. This will open a pop-up with the privacy settings. You can hover the image below to see the image which is shown when the visitor accepted cookies.


Powerful content plugins

You can easily add an accept/decline cookies button in your content with the Content - Cookie Confirm Consent Button plugin. You can use it at places where the content plugins are active. For example articles and Custom HTML modules. With the Content - Cookie Confirm Restricted plugin you can display and hide content based on whether it's (dis)allowed to set cookies. There are several customization options available. A live demo is shown in the sidebar.

And many more features...

  • Easily update with the Joomla! extension updater
  • Blocking cookies by PHP
  • Automatically accept cookies for predefined IPs
  • Exclude IPs from logging
  • Multilingual
  • Supported by NoNumber Pro versions of Advanced Module Manager, ReReplacer and Content Templater (see blogpost)
  • Powered by a high-end framework (F0F) which is developed and used by Akeeba
  • Excellent documentation and support


Using Cookie Confirm is not a guarantee of compliance with the law. You should setup Cookie Confirm correctly, carefully assess your use of cookies, have an up-to-date privacy policy and ensure your website complies with the law. You are responsible for the cookies which visitors receive by visiting your website and it's your responsibility to make sure your website is compliant with the law.

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Cookie Confirm

Comply to the Cookie Law with Cookie Confirm: the ultimate cookie control extension for Joomla! It's easy to setup and developed with usability, functionality and good graphics in mind.

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