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Refund Policy

This refund policy relates to the Joomla extensions developed by Twentronix and listed at our extensions page. Twentronix offers free access to the extensions documentation and the ability to ask pre-sales request through our contact page, so you could get a good understanding of what our extensions offer. As a result we follow a very strict refund policy.

If you are unsure if something is possible with our software, we urge you to use our contact page to file a pre-sales request. We will not issue refunds on the grounds that you didn't know if something was possible.

1. Acceptable grounds for issuing a refund

You may be eligible for a refund in the following cases (exhaustive list):

  1. You bought the wrong subscription level by accident. In this case we may switch your subscription to the intended subscription level, adjusting the duration accordingly to the price difference or give you a discount coupon for the price difference as this will not incur the extra charges prescribed in Article 2 §4.
  2. You have an issue unrelated to hosting setup and we fail to provide you with a viable alternative or a dev release with a fix for this issue within 8 work days. Please note that hosting account limitations are not acceptable grounds for a refund. We are talking about sever bugs with our software which we fail to fix in due time.
  3. You bought a subscription to file a bug report. In this case, and only this case, we may propose you a free subscription for the corresponding extension instead if the severity of the reported bug is critical.
  4. You bought a subscription to ask for support, without downloading the software. In this case a partial refund will be issued as per the conditions in Article 2 of our refund policy.
  5. You are a VIES-registered EU business, you provided the correct VAT number but you got charged VAT nevertheless. In this case only the amount of the VAT is refunded.
  6. You are a VIES-registered EU business, you provided an incorrect VAT number and you got charged VAT tax. In this case only the amount of the VAT is refunded as long as you provide your correct VAT number according to Article 2, §1 of this policy.
  7. You are a VIES-registered EU business, you forgot to specify that during subscription and got charged VAT tax. In this case only the amount of the VAT is refunded as long as you provide your correct VAT number and business information according to Article 2, §1 of this policy.
  8. Double charge, e.g. you accidentally paid for the same subscription twice.
  9. The product you subscribed for is discontinued within 30 days since your subscription. This does not apply to us dropping support for a particular version of Joomla! as these changes are announced at least a month in advance through our release announcements.
  10. You have not downloaded subscribers-only software during your subscription term, but only requested support and we came to the mutual conclusion that our software is not fit for your particular use case.

In all other cases we regret to inform you that refund is not an option. Indicative (non-exhaustive) list of cases where no refund is issued:

  • Inability to run our software because your site does not meet the minimum requirements published in our documentation (Joomla!, PHP, MySQL version and/or additional requirements).
  • Dissatisfaction with our support services after denying giving us access to your site after us asking it, making it impossible to troubleshoot your issue.
  • Dissatisfaction with our support services after asking us to support you on local / not web-accessible installations, making it impossible to troubleshoot your issue.
  • You unilaterally decided that you do not need our software and/or support services after downloading the software and/or using our support services.
  • Hosting limitations do not allow you to use a particular feature of an extension.
  • You thought that something was possible even though it isn't mentioned in the documentation and you never asked a pre-sales question to clarify it.
  • Early termination of a subscription.
  • Violation of our TOS leading to termination of your account.
  • Removal of a feature or discontinuation of a product on our part within your subscription term, notwithstanding item #9 on the previous list.

2. Limitations of refunds and partial refunds

  1. Refunds are given only before an invoice is issued or after a maximum of 15 days after the issue of an invoice.
  2. If you have downloaded an subscribers-only extension at least once during your subscription's term you are no longer eligible for a refund.
  3. If you have used our ticket system to request support within your subscription term, we will deduct € 7,- for each support thread you filed within your subscription's term. If the total deducted amount exceeds the refund amount you are no longer eligible for a refund.
  4. A refund fee of € 1,- (transfer and processing fee) will be deducted from any refund amount as a result of items 1, 6, 7 and 10 of our acceptable grounds for refunds list (Article 1 of this policy).

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